Proposal for cooperation in the field of patent pending five types of new bionic wind turbines, Who is willing to cooperate?

I'm registering with 5 different types of Bionic Wind Turbines with the guidance of several university professors, I'm eagerly invited to work with those who are interested in this field.

In my opinion, the rules and equations for wind turbines (the Betz law (which is wrongly called the Betz limit), and ..., make the idea that wind turbine technology has reached its last stage, if creativity and Nature's inspiration can be two important factors in the remarkable improvement in wind technology! When everyone thought that everything was either zero or one (logical numbers), later scientists realized there was between zero and a logical infinite number!

Required expertise to work with us, piezoelectric, wind turbine, mechanical, electrical and aerodynamics.

With all kind of respect and humility,

Morteza Hadipour.