About Us

The Bionics International is an international technology platform that supports teaching, researching, training, promoting, popularizing, and related activities in the field of bionics with the concept of “comprehensiveness, accuracy, quick, flexibility, and authoritativeness”.


Bionics is an emerging interdiscipline that brings together the efficiencies and self-sustaining qualities found in nature to sustainably respond to the complex challenges of this evolving world. In recent years, bionics has developed rapidly and attracted worldwide attention.


The platform serves for the researchers engaged in bionics field and other related enterprises or institutions as well as general public. It is available for users to learn basic knowledge, subscribe bionic news, follow bionic activities, discover scientific resource, reserve lab experiments, establish cooperation relationship, make free discussion, and etc.


The platform is designed in an open mode, and it is a common wish that all of the users could be involved in the construction and development of the platform. 


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