Lei Jiang



Prof. Lei Jiang


BeiHang University,China



Educational Background

Ph.D.    Physical chemistry, Jilin University of China & Tokyo University of Japan, 1994

M.S.    Physical chemistry, Jilin University of China, 1990

B.S.    Solid state physics, Jilin University of China, 1987

Professional Experience

1999-Present    Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science

2004-2006    Chief Scientist of The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of China

1996-1999    Researcher, Kanagawa Academy of Sciences and Technology, Hashimoto's Project

1994-1996    Postdoctoral fellow, Akira Fujishima's Group in Tokyo University

Field Of Research

 Dr. Lei Jiang has authored one scientific textbook, published over 240 peer reviewed journal articles (including 1 in Nature, 1 in Nature Nanotechnology, 16 in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 12 in J. Am. Chem. Soc., 25 in Adv. Mater.), 8 review papers and book chapters, and held more than 30 patents. His entire publications have been cited for over 5,000 times, highlighted by Nature, Science 8 times. The H-index of his publications is 36. He is the Asian Editor of Solid State Sciences and the Member of the Editorial Board of 6 scientific journals (including Advanced Functional Materials, Small, Biomicrofluidics, Nano Research, Asia Material, Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry). He received National Natural Science Award (2nd grade, 2005), National Thousands of Experts Project in the New Century (2004), and other honors and awards. He is the Visiting Professor of Drexel University (USA), Part-time Professor of Peking University (China) and Jilin University (China). His main research field is Bio-Inspired, Smart Interfacial Materials.

Selected Publications

[1] Wang, S.T.; Liu, H.; Jiang, L., Recent Process on Bio-inspired Surface with Special Wettability. In Annual Review of Nano Research, 2006; Vol. 1, pp 537-628.

[2]  Feng, L.; Jiang, L., Biomimetic intelligent nano-interface materials. Chemical Industry Press, China, 2007.

[3] Gao, X.F.; Jiang, L., Water-repellent legs of water striders. Nature, 2004, 432(7013): 36.

[4] Mao, Y.D.; Chang, S.; Yang, S.X.; Ouyang, Q.; Jiang, L. Tunable non-equilibrium gating of flexible DNA nanochannels in response to transport flux. Nature Nanotechnology, 2007, 2(6): 366.

[5] Sun, T.L.; Feng, L.; Gao, X.F.; Jiang, L., Bioinspired surfaces with special wettability. Acc. Chem. Res., 2005, 38(8): 644-652.

[6] Xia, F.; Jiang, L., Bio-inspired, smart, multiscale interfacial materials. Adv. Mater., 2008, 20(15): 2842-2858.

[7] Feng, X.J.; Jiang, L., Design and creation of superwetting/antiwetting surfaces. Adv. Mater., 2006, 18(23): 3036-3078.

[8] Wang, S.T.; Song, Y.L.; Jiang, L., Photoresponsive surfaces with controllable wettability. J. Photochem. Photobiol. C, 2007, 8(1): 18-29.