Zhendong Dai



Prof. Zhendong Dai


Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautic, China



College of Bio-inspired Structure and Surface Engineering, NUAA

Field Of Research

Biomimetics on locomotion (Biological robot, artificial robot, locomotion dynamics)

Light-weight structure and materials (Functional foamed metal,  biomemitics light materials)

Tribology and Surface Engineering

Selected Publications

Z Dai, SN Gorb, U Schwarz.Roughness-dependent friction force of the tarsal claw system in the beetle Pachnodamarginata (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae),Journal of Experimental Biology,2002,205 (16),2479-2488, 

Zhendong Dai, Zhouyi Wang and Aihong Ji. Dynamics of gecko locomotion: a force-measuring array to measure 3D reaction forces[J]. Journal of Experiment Biology, 2011, 214 :701-706.

Zhendong Dai, Zhixiang Yang. Macro-/Micro-Structures of Elytra, Mechanical Properties of the Biomaterial and the Coupling Strength Between Elytra in Beetles[J]. Journal of Bionic Engineering 2010,7,6–12

ZD Dai, S Gorb.Contact mechanics of pad of grasshopper (Insecta: ORTHOPTERA) by finite element methods.Chinese Science Bulletin.2009,54(4),549-555. 18

Z Dai, J Sun.A biomimetic study of discontinuous-constraint metamorphic mechanism for gecko-like robot.Journal of Bionic Engineering,2007,4(2),91-95. 20

Thomas Endlein, AihongJi, Diana Samuel, Ning Yao, Zhongyuan Wang, W Jon P Barnes, Walter Federle, Michael Kappl, Zhendong Dai.Sticking like sticky tape: tree frogs use friction forces to enhance attachment on overhanging surfaces. Journal of The Royal Society Interface,2013,10(80),20120838.