Amir A. Zadpoor



Prof. Amir A. Zadpoor


Delft University of Technology, Netherlands



Amir Zadpoor studied Biomed Eng for his MSc and obtained his PhD (cum laude) from Delft Univ. Tech. He joined the Dept. Biomech. Eng. to work in the area of tissue biomechanics and implants in 2010 and started a research lab focusing on biomaterials, orthopedics, and biomechanics of tissues and implants. Amir is on the review and editorial board of several journals and has published many peer-reviewed article. He recently received the prestigious ERC and Veni personal grants.

Field Of Research

Research interests

Additive manufacturing


Advanced multi-scale manufacturing of medical devices and implants


Prevention of implant-associated infections

Improved osseointegration of implants

Additive manufacturing bio-degradable biomaterials

Bone tissue engineering

Mechanobiology of the skeleton

Awards & Honours

Jean Leray scientific achievement award from European Society of Biomaterials (2018).

Supervisor of the PhD research winning the European Society of Biomechanics’ runner-up award for the best PhD thesis (2017).

ERC starting grant, European Research Council, 1.5 m€ (2015).

Early Career Award, J Mech Behav Biomed Mater, Elsevier (2015).

Certificate of excellence in reviewing from J Biomechanics (2012).

Veni personal research grant, 250 kEuro (2011)

Supervising the best Bachelors End Project of TU Delft (together with Dr. Gabrielle Tuijthof), the project was awarded a shared Imtech/UfD grant of 2 kEuro (2011)

Gratification award from Materials Innovation Institute (M2i, Netherlands) for “unique accomplishment” in my PhD research (c.a. 2.5 kEuro) (2010).

PhD research fellowship, Materials innovation institute (M2i), The Netherlands (2006-2010)

Conference travel grant, International Neuroscience Conference, Al-Ain, UAE (2005)

Prizewinner of the Departmental Students Research Pioneers Celebration (2002)

University Outstanding Student (2002)

Second place of the National Computer Programming Competition (2001)

Prizewinner of the First National Kharazmi Youth Festival of Scientific Innovation (2000)

Selected Publications

Janbaz, S, Narooei, K, Van Manen, T, Zadpoor, AA, 2020, "Strain rate-dependent mechanical metamaterials", Science Advances, in press.

Van Manen, T, Janbaz, S, Ganjian, M, Zadpoor, AA, 2020, "Kirigami-enabled self-folding origami", Materials Today, vol 32, pp 59-67.

Callens, SJP, Uyttendaele, RJC, Fratila-Apachitei, LE, Zadpoor, AA, 2020, “Substrate curvature as a cue to guide spatiotemporal cell and tissue organization”, Biomaterials, vol 232, 119739.

Nouri Goushki, M, Mirzaali, MJ, Angeloni, L, Fan, D, Minneboo, M, Ghatkesar, MK, Staufer, U, Fratila-Apachitei, L, Zadpoor, AA, 2020, “3D printing of large areas of highly ordered submicron patterns for modulating cell behavior", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol 12, pp 200-208.

van Hengel, IAJ, Petra, NE, Tierolf, MWAM, Minneboo, M, Fluit, AC, Fratila-Apachitei, LE, Apachitei, I, Zadpoor, AA, 2020, "Biofunctionalization of selective laser melted porous titanium using silver and zinc nanoparticles to prevent infections by antibiotic-resistant bacteria", Acta Biomaterialia, in press.

Li, Y, Li, W, Bobbert, FSL, Lietaert, K, Dong, J-H, Leeflang, MA, Zhou, AA, Zadpoor, AA, 2020, "Corrosion fatigue behavior of additively manufactured biodegradable porous zinc", Acta Biomaterialia, in press.

Zadpoor, AA, 2020, “On bone fatigue and its relevance for the design of architected materials", PNAS, in press.